Authorized Service & Repair Center

We are an Authorized repair center for the following brands:






Electrolux: Eureka




Warranty Claims Accepted

Free Estimates for Equipment Repair for Light-Medium Duty Cleaning Equipment

Free  Equipment Pickup for Estimates

Same-Day, On-Site Billing

2-3 day Response on Estimates

1 week return* on Nobles, Tenant and Betco Products

Customized Preventative Maintenance

Come in and learn how to keep your machine in shape before minor wears and tears turn into major problems

–     Fixes for Wear and Tear

–     Fit to  your equipment needs

–     Small Parts Inventory for your small repair needs

–     Receive Expert Repair Advice from Spectrum

Cleaning Equipment and Product Use Training

At Spectrum or On-Site training for a large selection of Cleaning Equipment and Cleaning Products

Check for videos at Spectrum University
Equipment Rentals

Ask about our equipment rental program, so we can keep you in business while your equipment is in for repairs.

We offer rentals for Buffers, High-speed Burnishers, Scrubbers, Carpet Cleaners and More.

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Custom Cut Paper

Our 42” wide Challenge paper cutter provides you with custom sized press sheets. A valuable service to save you time and money.  We can handle all types of material from fine writing grades to the heaviest of cover grades.  Cutting charges are reasonable and wrapping in packages is optional.  All half cuts are complimentary.

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