Deb has launched the world’s first and only heavy-duty industrial hand-cleansing foam with suspended bio-scrubbers. GrittyFOAM™, delivers the performance and effectiveness of traditional heavy-duty hand cleansers in a user-preferred foam format to gently remove tough soils while making hands feel great. To experience the product, please send us a request online.

This unique product, delivered through Deb’s proprietary dispensing system, comes in response to market demand for a powerful cleaner that is gentler on hands to help address the challenge of reducing the potential for occupational dermatitis in the industrial sector.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10-15 percent of all occupational illness is caused by skin disease. Leveraging its years of experience in the skin care field and relationships with experts in the diagnosis and treatment of occupational dermatitis, Deb is committed to providing products and systems that help maintain proper hand health.

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Specific benefits of GrittyFOAM include:

  • Improved compliance, effectiveness and safety – Cleans and rinses quickly, leaving hands dirt-free and sanitary without the potential irritation that can be caused by some traditional aggressive heavy-duty hand cleaners.
  • Enhanced sustainability – With EcoLogo accreditation and USDA Bio-Preferred status, GrittyFOAM is formulated with renewable resources and only essential ingredients.
  • Greater cost-effectiveness – The power of foam means less product, less water and less energy must be used to get hands clean.

Early testing has shown a very positive market reception to the product. In trials across various industrial settings, workers preferred GrittyFOAM to their current cleaning product, and 85 percent indicated that their hands felt softer or less irritated after using GrittyFOAM than their current heavy-duty cleaner.

From the invention of foam soap and foam soap dispensers to now creating the world’s first and only heavy-duty foam hand cleaner with grit, Deb’s track record of innovation in the area of skin care speaks for itself. Our new GrittyFOAM is further evidence of our commitment to advancing the industry by filling a void and offering a strong value proposition. We believe it will be very well-received by both purchasers and end-users.”

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