Spectrum Paper Company, Inc. is a HUB certified, minority owned El Paso business that was founded in 2001 by Jim and Norma Brown, owners and both El Paso natives. Spectrum Paper focuses on the distribution of high quality and low-cost office and printing paper, packaging supplies, janitorial equipment and supplies, office supplies, office furniture, and food service supplies. We cater to helping businesses that operate in El Paso and Southern New Mexico. We are also able to meet the needs of businesses in Northern Mexico. Spectrum Paper supports customers with professional outside sales consultants and a knowledgeable customer service staff with experience in distribution. Our sales team presently consists of 10 outside sales consultants. Spectrum maintains its own fleet of delivery trucks and service vans for speedier or smaller service needs. The 39,000 square foot centrally located warehouse facility houses the inventory we need to meet each of our customer’s needs.Our mission will always remain the same: To save you, our customer, time and money by offering supplies needed to operate your business profitably. From specialty papers to office supplies to janitorial supplies/cleaning equipment and anything else in between, Spectrum Paper is ready to provide unparalleled quality and service.

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